For some reason, I do not know why, it seems that some people just put you into their cross-hairs and go out of their way to cause you as much pain and anguish as they can.
   It is always the ex's that seem to cause the most trouble - they just persist in finding ways to make your life miserable.
   Besides the ex's we also have the obnoxious neighbor, the back stabbing coworker or boss, and others we wish we could fight back against.
   These sociopath's take delight in causing you to squirm under their relentless pressure.
Have you ever been there?
Are you experiencing this now?
Have you ever wished there was someone to take care of this problem for you?
   In the past, whenever I found myself in this situation, being bullied, lied to, or played for a fool, I tried, (without much success), to find a way to avoid being just another victim.
But at the time, this is all I was - just a victim of some hateful bastard or bitch.
   Everything changed for me when I learned there is something you can do - let the Demon Prankster take care of them for you.
   For the cost of a good meal in a decent restaurant you can get them off your back for good.
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