Do you want to play a prank on someone?
First of all -- don't do it yourself!!!
Why? Because you will probably begin a "prank war" which both of you will suffer from.......
Do you really want to do that? Probably not.

So what is the alternative?
The first thing is to decide if you are pranking a friend or a foe -- in other words -- how bad do you want this to be?

I have two suggestions for you which you can choose from -- both of these are fantastic (too much fun!)

The first one is for friends -- you only get them to take a personality test -- that will bite them in the ass!
All you need to do is tell them you found a personality test that reveals their deepest secrets that nobody knows and give them the URL (the test is free).............    share---copy and paste:

The second one is for when you really want to get back at someone who deserves it.
Know someone like that? I'll bet you do!
Once you turn it over to the Demon Prankster you can relax and let him take care of it for you.
Will it cost? Yes, but surprisingly how little -- $89 -- and it goes on and on forever, not just a one time event.
You could never do this yourself -- even if you knew how -- and nobody will know it was you -- so why not?
It can be so frustrating to be abused in some way and not be able to do anything about it.    share ---copy and paste:
Now you can.